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Jacob Lysgaard is the studio of the award-winning designer by the same name. We craft ideas, identity systems and design at the tangent between art and commerce across all mediums.
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DOT design announcement

Finally we can show you the DOT project! This has been a passion project, as DOT are friends, as well as a concept with enormous potential. Later on we will share a lot more details about the process and how we went about the project from the start, but for now, take a look at the case study and join us in celebrating the completion of a big and super fun project!

The spring and summer has been filled with several very interesting projects for corporate clients from medicine and academia, which we can’t wait to show you more about. But until then, check out this artsy sub-culture celebration! And as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch on to discuss a project. 

Adding live processing code to a portfolio project

I decided to spruce up one of my existing case studies a bit; and involve some “live” Processing.js code. The Space Lab profile is based around abstractions of the rings of tree trunks, wind patterns and rock strata, among other things. So making a script that builds these things would naturally be a cool addition to the profile. This is based on Processing code that renders live on the site, so no video or anything like that. Check out the Space Lab case study over here to see it in its full glory! Each time you reload the page, the script will create a new pattern from scratch.

I’ll try to write a proper article on how to use live Processing code in a WordPress page sometime. It wasn’t as simple as all that, so let me know if you are struggling with the same issue and I’ll get off my ass about it!



New product images

As part of the ongoing celebration of the new camera equipment here at HQ(mostly the Sigma 30mm 1.4), I’ve taken some new product images of many of the Riso and screen prints  in the shop. If you like any of them, they are all available! All photos also link to their respective product pages. Some of these prints have been lying around for a long time now, so please help me get these out the door, so there’s room for new ones! Currently I’m doing some painting, to balance out the work I’m doing on some ongoing design projects. Can’t wait to show you both those things!

The backdrop for these shots is my immediate neighbourhood here in Bergen. No, you can’t AirBnb my apartment, but I keep a fresh pot of coffee at all times! And I’m not so picky about the “customers only” rule.

Tower 3, a limited edition sceen print

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